There’s no doubt that moving can be expensive. However, if you’re a frequent mover, this could be an issue. Here are 6 tips that focus mainly of cutting costs when moving homes…

Clear Out the Unnecessary to Cut Down Moving Costs

The last thing you want to do is to move junk and unusable items to your new home; especially when moving can be so costly nowadays. To avoid this, do your best to sort through your belongings before you start packing. Throw, giveaway or sell any item you haven’t used in over a year. Yard sales and online selling is a great way to make money from your barely used items…

Research Your Mover to Select the Most Cost Friendly Mover

Finding movers and removalists should not be a hard task. However, finding one that suits our budget can be a little trickier that you’d think. The best tip for you here is to make a list of recommended local removalists that your friends and family have used. Then, call them to find the best service that suits your budget. Trust us, this makes a huge difference in the over-all moving costs.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Out of Your Removalists

Once you’ve found the best Mornington Furniture removalists, another great way to cut cost is to make sure you get the best out of their services. Opt for a service package that helps you to pack, move and then unpack as well. One great tip here is to either colour code your boxes, or clearly label them as to where the boxes are to be when they arrive at the new house. This makes unloading so much more affective; reducing your workload significantly as well.

Use as Many Existing Bags and Boxes to Pack Your Items

Without a doubt, buying packaging boxes can be expensive, and somewhat wasteful, since you’ll be getting rid of the boxes once you move in completely. One great tip to reduce packaging costs, is to use items already available in your home to pack your belongings for the move. Use handbags, baskets, tote bags…anything that can safely transport your items.

Avoid Purchasing Your Moving Boxes

Despite the above tip, if you’re still short of packing boxes to pack all your belongings, don’t worry. Instead of buying them, consider speaking with your local supermarkets and grocery stores and getting these boxes free from them! since their items arrive in bulk, they’ll definitely be transported in packaging boxes, and donating it to you will save time for them as well…as they need not put an effort to get rid of them once they’re done using those boxes.

Lessen Costs of Packing Bubble Wrap by Padding Your Delicates with Existing Items

When packing delicate items, it’s vital that you wrap them with padding to avoid damages while transporting them. bubble wrap is the most recommended for this; but it can get quite expensive to buy a whole lot of this. Instead, use bubble wrap for only your most treasured items. For the rest, use padded items such as thick woollen blankets or sweaters. Works beautifully!