For those who are working in a uniform-free workplace, choosing a comfortable yet stylish outfit every day is a great challenge. Aside from having shorter preparation time in the morning, not all clothes are fit for the office. If you’re one of those ladies who stumble through their wardrobe day by day searching for a good work outfit, this guide would be of great use to you. Here are the basic outfit pieces every woman should have to be fashionable and comfortable at work.


Having one or two jackets is essential in sprucing up your work attire. Aside from keeping you warm and comfortable during cold weather, a jacket can also be worn as a layering to make your outfit look more stylish. Choose neutral coloured ones to make them easily blend into any colour or print of your outfit.

Silk Tops

Silk tops might look simple and casual but they can go a long way especially when you’re dressing up for the office. Silk shirts are just made from the right materials that could be worn comfortably no matter what the season is. They exude simplicity and class all in one. Shop for high quality silk tops perfect for your work outfit from The Fable Online. With so many styles and prints to choose from, you’ll definitely find one that suits your personality.

Pencil Skirt

Having a pair of midi pencil skirts could help a lot in completing your work outfit. Midi length is perfect to be paired with almost any top in your wardrobe and looks smarter that knee-length ones. You can either tuck in your shirt or simply let it loose, depending on its length. To make it easier to wear with any outfit, go for neutral colours and prints such as grey, black, striped, and a lot more.


If you’re not comfortable wearing a skirt, then having a good pair of pants is what you need. Be sure to have at least 2 with different styles. For instance, slim fit black pants are good for more formal or classy days. On the other hand, dark skinny jeans are perfect to be worn during casual or regular work days. Make sure to get the right fit to avoid lousy looking office attire.

3 Pairs of Footwear

If you spend most of your time wearing office outfits, it is necessary that you have at least 3 pairs of different footwear. The best combination is pumps, mules and loafers. Pumps look great to be worn during formal events while loafers and mules are comfortable to be worn on casual days. Neutral colours are a perfect trick but you can also spare some space for bold-looking footwear.

Who said work outfits should be dull and boring? With these helpful tips in mind, you can definitely create an outfit combo that looks perfectly fashionable yet still fit to be worn in the workplace. Work in style by having these essential pieces in your wardrobe.