The most needed item for every parent with a baby are nappies. Nappies will keep a baby comfortable, safe and it will make it so much easier for you to take your baby anywhere with confidence that there will be no mess made.

It is said that, in the first week of a baby, the nappies will be changed from 8 to 14 times within 24 hours. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a good product which promotes comfort, safety, high absorption, and ease of changing. Here is how you can choose the best Huggies nappies for your baby:

What is the weight of the baby?

The weight of the baby is one of the most key features to look for when you are choosing disposable nappies. There are disposal napkins available from 4lb (2.5kg) for new born babies. For toddlers, the napkins are available in 55lb (25kg). Looking at the weight of the baby assures that the napkins that you get fits right. If your baby is premature, you can choose smaller disposable nappies.

At what time of the day will the nappies be used?

The time of the day you will be using the nappies are also important. As you will be checking your baby’s nappies regularly during the day time and as you will be taking the steps to change them regularly, during the night time will be different. Therefore, it is ideal that you choose nappies that are specifically designed to be used during the night time. Night time nappies are designed to have more absorption and also not cause irritations.

The baby’s gender

The baby’s gender is also a crucial factor that affects the decision that you make when you choose the nappies. For the boys, there are nappies that are designed for best absorption at the from. The nappies that are designed for the girls are designed to have better absorption at the center. Therefore, choosing the nappies right of the gender of the baby will provide the best absorption.

Identify the best fit for your baby

There are different nappies that are made to fit different types of babies. Therefore, it is crucial that you find the best fit for your baby depending on the size and the shape of the baby. Once you have found the right fit for your baby, you can stock up the nappies without hassle. You can look into the description of the nappies which will provide you guidance on which nappies you should get for your baby. Without choosing the first product of nappies that you find, looking into what is best for your baby will certainly guide you through to choosing the best nappies out of all.

It is important that you pay attention to the quality of the brand of the nappies. Also check if the brand has been tested and approved which provides you with the assurance that it’s the best for your baby.