You might have seen them in restaurants, cafés or your friends’ homes and now you begin to wonder should you install one or two kitchen sinks?

When you think to renovate your kitchen, you might be faced with this dilemma since the kitchen counter and the sink are one of the most frequently replaced and remodelled parts of the kitchen because it is used most of the time when we are in the kitchen.

So, before you begin the remodelling and if you are still undecided, if you would want one or two sinks, read the below comprehensive post on the pros and cons to determine which would work better according to your need, your budget and the space you have.

Advantages of Single Sink

A single sink is common in most households because this is what usually comes with a constructed and furnished home because it is more affordable to purchase and to install. Others also prefer this since it is easier to clean and to maintain because you only have to be careful not to stain, dinged or scratch one sink. When the faucet becomes faulty, you also only need to replace one.

Another advantage is that a single sink is normally big enough to handle large pots and pans and you have more counter space since there is only one sink. There are numerous types of single sinks made out of various materials and if you at a loss on what kind you want, USM also provide sinks for your kitchen.

Disadvantages of Single Sink

There are fewer disadvantages to having a single sink which is that it is not as functional as a double sink since you’d be doing everything in that one basin. You’d do all your washing, rinsing and drying which could sometimes end up messier and time consuming.

Advantages of Two Sinks

The significant advantage to having two sinks is that you have a sink where you could do your washing and another for prepping. Or you could use one sink for washing and another for rinsing which could save you money on your water bill and dishwashing liquid. It is also recommended for those multi-taskers since they could fill one sink with hot water and the other with cold water for whatever purpose it may serve them.

Disadvantages of Two Sinks

The main reason why some homeowners shy off to having two sinks is that it is more expensive and more difficult to install since you’d be charged plumbing works for two drains. Large pots and pans might not also fit since the counter space that is normally reserved for one sink are now cut in half to fit two smaller sinks.

It is also not recommended for homes with smaller kitchens since it would eat up all the counter space. Some materials used for two sinks are also more difficult to maintain and there are fewer faucet installation choices.

Now that you have read the advantages and disadvantages for both types, also seek the advice of professionals and let them see your kitchen so they could provide you with their expert opinion.