The summer season is in full swing in Australia, recording high temperatures not felt in years. While you take out those summer clothes to enjoy the sun outside, keep in mind that you should be particularly worried about your skin this season. The skin is most prone to sun damage and excessive dryness during the hot months. So, here is a list of expert tips for keeping your skin healthy and supple throughout this season:

Wear Sunscreen

It’s hard to emphasize just how important it is to wear sunscreen during Australian summers. The sun can be really harsh over the country and prolonged exposure can put you at risk for skin cancer, among other problems. Therefore, always wear sunscreen when going out. You can use a separate sunscreen or a sunscreen with moisturiser. If you regularly wear makeup, use foundation or lotions that contain sunscreen. Dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen with at last 30 SPF for effective protection. So start slathering on as instructed in the products. In addition, you can also increase protection by wearing hats with wide brims and sunglasses.

Have a Proper Moisturising Schedule

Moisturising is absolutely necessary for preventing dry skin during hot summer days. It’s highly recommended to drink extra amounts of water during the warm months so that your body can naturally keep the external layers of skin hydrated. In addition, it’s recommended to use a high-quality moisturiser. Even if it’s warm season, you will most likely be moving from hot places outside to arctic-cold air-conditioned places inside. This can cause excessively dry skin. Therefore, use a moisturiser regularly to prevent unsightly occurrences like flaking. It’s best to use ​body cream products that contain natural ingredients like aloe, cocoa butter, or Shea butter that boost themoisturising potential of products.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

What you wear in the summer can also affect your skin. Ideally, you should wear fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. That means, these fabrics allow for proper airflow between the covered skin and the air outside. The result is you don’t feel stuffy and end up with sweat stains. Most natural fabrics are highly breathable. Cotton, rayon, and linen are the best fabrics for the summer. You may also find synthetic versions that can mimic the lightweight-ness and breathability of these. Generally speaking, avoid wearing fabrics that cause you to sweat inside.

Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and debris stuck to the top layers of your skin. It’s highly recommended to exfoliate in the summer, when you are most likely to be active outside and prone to getting sweaty and dirty. Use a gentle exfoliation product for the job. You don’t need exfoliating washes, you can do the same with a sponge designed to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate twice or thrice a week. Don’t do it every day because your skin needs to repair itself.

Last but not least, don’t forget to eat nutritious meals that will help your skin grow healthily. Eats lots of vegetables and fruits packed with vitamins like A, E,and D that not only helps skin cells grow, but also reduces sun damage. Stick to these tips to keep your skin healthy this season.